Elaine Cheris

Elaine is a prominent member of the US fencing and pentathlon community. Her achievements, shown in the box below, speaks for itself.


When you walk into her club you are welcomed by people who want to share their passion for these sports and develop youngsters to take it to where ever their heart and actions want to take them, whether that be local tournaments, national competitions or even the Olympics.


If you just want to get fit, while being physically and mentally challenged with fencing as a recreational pursuit that is OK too.


Elaine was a competitive athlete in swimming and running; she coached swimming at Yale and started fencing late in her athletic career. She was a perfect candidate for the Olympic Pentathlon but unfortunately, there was no Pentathlon in the Olympics for women until 2000.




  • #1 Ranked Fencer in USA in 2000

  • Olympic Team Member: 1980-1988-1996

  • Pan American Gold Medal Team 1987-1991

  • Member of 14 U.S. World Teams

  • Pan American Games Team Leader, USA Pentathlon 2003

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Janusz Peciak


Cheyenne is pleased to announce the return of the ‘Guru’ of Modern Pentathlon, as Head Coach.  Janis will be running special clinics for our Athletes.


Janusz is a Polish modern pentathlete, Olympic champion and several times world champion. He came to the US from Poland in 1985. He coached the US National team then in 1995 he became head coach at Cheyenne Fencing Society and Modern Pentathlon Center but left in 2004 to become full time Head Coach for Team USA at the Olympic Training Center.


In September of 2014, Janusz  was recognized for "Extraordinary Contributions to the Olympic Movement" by the UIPM and the Polish Olympic Committee. Janusz is a three time Olympian who won the gold medal in Modern Pentathlon during the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games.

During his competition career, Janusz won  World Championship gold medals and was elected Poland's "Sports Personality of the Year in 1977 and 1981. Currently, Janusz is the Director of Sport world-wide for UIPM, a member of the UIPM Executive Board and the National Team Coach for the United States.


Barrett Celecki


Barrett is an all around sportsman who came to Denver to train in Fencing with Elaine to go to the Olympics for Modern Pentathlon.


In a short time, Barrett has come up through the ranks of US Modern Pentathletes.

His patience and enthusiasm with our kids is great.  

It will not be long before many of our kids will be able to look up to Barrett as an Olympian who developed his fencing skills at Cheyenne just like Sammy Schultz (Atcherberg) who is going to Tokyo in 2021.

Genadijus Sokolovas
High Performance Director at USA Pentathlon, Senior Physiologist at Global Sport Technology


Dr G as he is called by our kids,  comes to Cheyenne occasionally to help train our Olympic hopefuls.

He came to Cheyenne in August to give a talk on Nutrition in training  and recovery.


The video of this presentation is shown here.