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Students please bring water bottle and wear covered comfortable shoes and long pants.
Fencers in Pentathlon Competition, fencing is an activity for after school programs
Two epee fencers for After School Enrichment programs
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Fencing is quickly becoming one of the most popular School Enrichment programs in Denver.

The kids love it, sword fighting classes, who wouldn't?

You will love it too because it keeps the kids active and stimulates their brain with something different.

Skills taught at fencing classes:
  • Footwork

  • Bladework

  • Bouting

  • Instruction on fencing tactics


Exercises throughout fencing program include:

  • Warm up exercises

  • Flexibility training

  • Strength training

  • Games and exercises to help with coordination and timing


Why parents will love this fencing sport for their kids

  • Physically challenging with low risk of injury - studies have shown that fencing, at the highest competitive levels has one of the lowest time out for injury than other sports.
    Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine. 18(2):137-142, March 2008.


  • The mental intensity and the physical challenge of this sport, involving a lot of quick reflexes and strategic thinking, fully engages most gamers.  Finally, parents have a healthy alternative for the Wii, Xbox or Playstation.

  • Ideal for kids with ADD. (see more about how fencing is good for kids with learning differences.)

  • Strengthens the muscles in the forearm and hand that help with precision and speed of writing.​

    Life lessons

  • Competition with manners - through the classic elements of fencing like the salute and the handshake we always insist on respect for your opponent.

    We celebrate differences as we teach that being successful in fencing has nothing to do with your age, size, shape or gender.

    Self confidence as the fencer is taught they must make all their own tactical and strategic decisions in a bout.

    Poise including body awareness, balance and stance is taught from day one.

    Patience is a virtue that every fencer learns as they must wait for the right moment to attack.

    Strategy, swiftness and precision -“Fencing is an intensive physical replica of a computer game in which the mind must race quickly to meet the unforeseen challenges.”

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