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There are a numerous reasons why Cheyenne is the best Denver fencing club. Cheyenne is the club in Denver that puts the student fencer 1st, people before profits and is serious about our students presenting their best selves to the fencing and outside world.

You will notice how we are different when you go to outside competitions and see that others that don't come from Cheyenne Fencing Club often behave badly and disrespectful. Elaine is adamant that her students are goods sports and respectful at all times. Isn't that what you want for your kids?

Elaine Cheris opened Cheyenne Fencing club in 1981

This was in the midst of her successful fencing career competing at the olympic level  for over another decade after opening the club.  See more about Elaine here.

Elaine Cheris Fencing at Cheyenne Fencing Society and Modern Pentathlon Center
Janusz Peciak 1976 Olympic Gold Medalist Pentathlon at Cheyenne Fencing Society and Modern Pentathlon Center

Janusz Peciak 1976 Olympic Gold Medalist

Elaine Cheris Olympic Fencer Pentathlon Coach


  • #1 Ranked Fencer in USA in 2000

  • Olympic Team Member: 1980-1988-1996

  • Pan American Gold Medal Team 1987-1991

  • Member of 14 U.S. World Teams

  • Pan American Games Team Leader, USA Pentathlon 2003

Relaxed but rigorous training
Fun but challenging
Welcoming and very flexible
Come and see for yourself!


Guests Welcome at this Denver fencing club!


We have coaches who have coached and competed at an international and Olympic level, teaching fencing and pentathlon in our one-of-a-kind facility. We have 8 overhead reels and grounded metal strips. There is a loft overlooking the whole facility where parents and friends can sit in comfort and watch fencing in action. 


We want you to come and take a look at this fun and exciting fencing sport. In fact, we know you will enjoy it so much, that we offer two FREE classes for first time athletes to come and fence with us. We will even provide all fencing equipment! Just show up and have the time of your life!


Other reasons to choose this Denver fencing club.....

  • We have a variety of programs for kids and adults from introductory fencing classes to Olympic fencing and pentathlon training programs. 

  • At our Denver fencing  club, parents see that we teach sportsmanship and respect.

  • Our fencing camp and pentathlon camp programs offer very flexible and generous early drop-off and late pick-up options.

  • We are centrally located on Colfax Ave, 6 blocks west of Monaco.

Fencing Steps to Success Book by Elaine Cheris

One of the most recognized fencing figures in the United States, author and Olympian Elaine Cheris shares her expertise as both a fencer and instructor. Click to order your copy now!

"The passion and dedication of the coaches is truly amazing"


The History of Cheyenne Fencing Club - The best Denver fencing club


The Cheyenne Fencing Society and Modern Pentathlon Center was founded in 1981 by current owner and Olympian, Elaine Cheris.  After many successful years on the U.S. Fencing team and U.S. Olympic Fencing team, Elaine wanted to share this wonderful sport with the Denver community.


The goal was to create a place where everyone could learn the sport of fencing from beginners, to adults looking for recreation, to aspiring Olympic athletes. We encourage recreational participation as well as those looking for a competitive outlet. We welcome anyone who wants to come down and watch this fascinating sport!


Growing up, Elaine was a collegiate track star and accomplished swimmer.  Unfortunately, during those times women did not have a lot of access into the world of pentathlon, so Elaine's career as a pentathlete was cut short. She has now dedicated many years of service to the promotion of pentathlon in the U.S.A. and works hard to ensure that anyone wishing to pursue the fencing sport or modern pentathlon does not face the same challenges she faced.     


The other reason to come to our fencing club is all our pets

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