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I am not sure if fencing is right for me or my child?

Fencing is a unique , safe sport that excercises the mind and the body. For a list of benefits go here. If you are still not convinced call Elaine on her cell  720-838-4225 to get a more detailed answer.


How do I get started at your Denver fencing club?

We have a starter package that includes all the equipment and all the fencing classes you want to attend for 3 months. Click here to learn  more.


How old do you have to be to start fencing?

Any age from 4 to 80. Anyone, of any age and at any level of fitness can explore the intriguing World of Fencing or Pentathlon.  Many clubs don't take the children as young as 4 but Elaine feels these kids are very teachable.


What should I wear at this Denver fencing club?

Clothing that does not restrict your movements. Thick sweat pants and athletic shoes will work. A T Shirt can be worn under the fencing jacket. For more information see here.

"Fencing is an intensive physical replica of a computer game in which the mind must race quickly to meet the unforeseen challenges."

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