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Classes come to you live from our Denver fencing club


What makes these fencing classes so different is that while coaches, Barret and Zack demonstrate the moves and lead all the exercises, owner and Olympian, Elaine Cheris keeps an eye on every student; keeping them on track, focussed and doing each activity correctly.  These classes come to you live from our Denver Fencing Club. 


Elaine gets down to the technical level, matching the expectation of skill to the experience level of the fencer. Making sure the kids are in total view so she can see that every foot and arm extension, parry, riposte, seconde, prime, coupe, lunge, bounce, advance or retreat is carried out in the correct manner. 

See more information and some of the Zoom Fencing class images here.

Elaine also wrote a book that is an excellent complement to these online classes showing all the steps to building and refining your fencing skills.  The book Fencing: Steps to Success is available here from Human Kinetics.

About fencing classes at the club


Stimulate your mind while you get fit with fencing!

The Cheyenne Fencing Society & Modern Pentathlon Center Denver has a variety of programs for kids and adults from introductory classes to Olympic training programs at their Denver Fencing Club.

Fencing is an excellent physical and mental exercise that accommodates boys and girls and adults regardless of your size, shape, or weight.

Our classes are engaging and fun….

  • Classes are one hour for youth and one and half hours for adult classes allowing time for fitness and fencing.

  • Classes start with circuit training to build the strength and conditioning critical for fencing.

  • Classes include drills on technique in footwork, blade work and tactics.

  • We use stream drills* allowing fencers to learn from their more experienced classmates, building self confidence and respect for themselves and one another.

  • There is always fencing bouting and then analysis to help students improve in technique, tactics and strategy.

*Stream drills - see video on right - all the fencers watch one fencer work on a move one on one with the coach at our Denver fencing club.  Each student’s turn is very quick but intensive. The group moves in a stream resting while watching, listening and processing the drill as other students have their turn.

Members enjoy all this and much more!

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