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The sport of fencing is different to many sports; here are 6 reasons why it is a great sport for kids with learning differences. 


  1. Does your child have trouble focusing? No problem sword fighting points or bouts in fencing are over in seconds.

  2. Is your child overwhelmed on a field with lots of players running everywhere? No problem, fencing is one on one.

  3. Does your child struggle with social interactions? Our Denver fencing club is very open and relaxed and will let a child find their own comfort zone while interacting and building respect for others.

  4. Do they get stressed by team competitions? No problem they can have fun with fencing without competing or take it at their own pace and compete when they are ready.

  5. However your child learns best, fencing at Cheyenne Fencing Club we can accommodate them:  For the auditory learners there is the classic verbal teaching style; for the visual learners they can see by multiple demonstration in class and our stream drills; for the kinesthetic leaners they can try each of the standard moves over and over again and build muscle memory to respond quickly.

  6. Is your child a chess player or computer gamer? Fencing has often been called physical chess and it is like a computer game as the mind must race quickly to meet the unforeseen challenges from your opponent and you must react quickly with your body to respond to the tactics of your opponent.


At our Denver fencing club, Cheyenne understands these kids and what does and does not motivate them.  Elaine works to understand the individual and adjusts her Fencing lessons accordingly.

*Stream drills - all the fencers watch one fencer work on a move one on one with the coach.  Each student’s turn is very quick but intensive. The group moves in a stream resting while watching, listening and processing the drill as other students have their turn.

Members enjoy all this and much more! See video below for a demonstration. This is something we created and use as fencing training activity at our Denver Fencing Club.

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