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"Fencing is an intensive physical replica of a computer game in which the mind must race quickly and the body must respond to meet the unforeseen challenges."

Fencing is known as physical chess

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Get fit with fencing!


One of the oldest traditions in sport, the salute acknowledges respect for the opponent as a worthy competitor. The gesture signals an understanding between opponents: Within the confines of the rules of this great classic sport, may the best fencer win.


From "Fencing - Steps to Success" by Elaine Cheris

8 reasons to start fencing sport classes at the best Denver fencing club

Benefits of Fencing


The value, both mentally and physically, that one derives through the sport of fencing, has long been applauded by World Sports Medicine and the American Medical Association and justifiably so. Fencing is not limited to the young, like so many other sports. It is not uncommon to find that most fencing masters teach actively, and on a one to one basis, into their eighties and nineties. . . and still create champions!

  1. Physical conditioning, mental discipline, self respect, and respect for others is an integral part of developing the skills of fencing at our club.  The salute is just one gesture in fencing that demonstrates this respect paradigm. (See box below left.)

  2. Improves coordination, timing, confidence, self-control and poise.

  3. Fencing is not physically selective; your size, shape, or weight does not determine your success as in other sports. Every individual's passion for the sport and discipline to push themselves will determine what they gain.

  4. It is an excellent physical and mental exercise that accommodates boys and girls and adults of all ages. A study of fencing by the former Soviet Union states: "Fencing is the best sport for women." This club will teach fencing to kids as young as 4 years.

  5. Fencing is a year round sport no matter what the weather.

  6. Fencing seeks out all the physical attributes of the composite athlete; the elite athlete has the endurance of the gymnast, the heart and lungs of the swimmer, and the courage of the boxer. 

  7. Fencing teaches patience, strategy, swiftness and precision. The control of the blade must be with the swiftness on precision of the skilled surgeon, tempered with the patience of the chess player. 

  8. The chances of a highschool fencer competing in college is higher than any other sport for both men and women and 45 colleges sponsor varsity fencing teams.*  See the details of College Fencing & Scholarship Opportunities here.

    See an article on Sports and Scholarships here.

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