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Parents and Grandparents gifting an experience is the most popular gift these days.


Kids don't need more stuff...

  • they need activity and experiences...

  • they need to learn to play hard, respect others,

  • focus on the task at hand and

  • build self-esteem. 


Fencing classes can give them all of this.


For Holidays or birthdays, you can buy a gift card that gives your loved one a way to experience fencing classes for a whole week.

That is 6 classes - one every day except Sunday. See class time here.

BONUS: (and here's the big kicker)  if they like fencing and want to continue, they can then apply the value of your gift to the Introductory Package we offer.

Cost of Gift Card:
$50 for 1 week or
$160 for One month of fencing or
YOU choose how much

So not only are you giving them the experience of trying this Olympic sport, with

  • fun swordplay,

  • bouts on a real fencing piste, and

  • really fun conditioning exercises, are also giving them an opportunity to find their sport.  A sport that they can take as far as they want; collegiate, local, national, and international competitions.


We offer a wide range of fencing classes for children and adults from introductory level to Olympian in our one-of-a-kind facility on Colfax Ave, Denver 6 blocks west of Monaco.

2022-07-02 11.39.46.jpg
$50, $160 or YOU choose how much
Here is how it works
  1. Choose which gift card you want from the drop-down.

  2. Provide the  'To' and 'From' information

  3. Either check the box to send Gift Card via email or leave and Print the Gift Cardit out yourself

    • If you check the Box to 'Send Recipient the Gift Card Via Email' via email 

      a -  Provide the correct email for the recipient (or best contact)

      b - Decide when your loved one is to receive the gift card by email

    • If you do not check this box - You will be able to print this gift card once your transaction is complete. You will also receive an email copy of the gift card so it can be printed at a later time.

  4. Add a title for your Gift Card

  5. Add a personal message

  6. Provide recipients full name

  7. Select the image you want on the gift card

  8. Log in as a guest by clicking the blue button on the left. 

  9. Make your purchase.

  10. Depending on your action in number 2 above -
    ​Either Print out the Gift Card or an email with the gift card, your message, and who it is from, plus instructions, will be sent to your loved one on that specified date.

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