Campers please bring a lunch, snacks & water bottle


Get them to shut off the Wii, Xbox, or Playstation and play real games with real weapons (that don't harm) and lots of strategy.

To ask questions

call Elaine on


See new Guidelines for how we will keep our community safe


FYI: Members receive 20% discount on camps

Note $10

for late pickup

Give your child a mental and physical challenge with the unique sport of fencing.

Improving  concentration, coordination and confidence.

We have Fencing Camps in Spring break, all Summer, Fall and Winter breaks. 


Monday  to Thursday, 10am - 3pm (Note: some camps are 5 days)

  • Early drop off - no extra charge - (Inform Elaine of dates and times)

  • Late pickup to 6:00pm - $10 per day -(To be confirmed)

  • All equipment included

  • Limited capacity so sign up early



$75 per day or $300 per 4 day camp week.

You can schedule single days at the per day cost.

Members get 20% discount on all camps.


Summer Break 2020

Mon-Thurs 10am -3pm

4 days @ $75 per day =$300**

or choose to do individual days

1 day @ $90 per day

June 8-11

June 22-25

July 6-9

July 20-23

July 27-30

Aug 3-6

Aug 10-13

Sign up process

If you do not have an account or are a new client to Cheyenne Club please follow the intructions below.  If you are already a client and have a login please go to Camp Forms under the Forms menu.


New Account Set up - (Red button below)
  1. Create an account and Login for each child by clicking the red button below. 

  2. Note your sign in email and password. You will have to have a different password for each child but you can use your email address on both.

  3. You will be asked information about your child to help us teach your child in the best way we can.

  4. You will be asked to agree to a waiver.

  5. Then you will be taken to the sign up page for all camps.

  6. Have your credit card ready.

We ask for your patience during this process, it is not very user friendly we know, but the rewards for your child will be worth it.

Fencing Camp description

Cheyenne Fencing Society and Modern Pentathlon Center camps in Denver are designed to provide introductory fencing instruction, taking into account the performance levels of each individual camper. The typical daily schedule includes two fencing practice sessions combined with other fun games and activities. Camp competitions are scheduled for the last camp day. An excellent student/ instructor ratio is maintained to provide individual coaching attention for each student.

The training camp will focus on conditioning, footwork, drills and bouting. Including the following.


  • Footwork

  • Bladework

  • Flexibility

  • Strength

  • Bouting

  • Games

  • Instruction

  • and much MORE


The kids have a lot of fun and love to come and see our club mascots- the club pets.


Regular afternoon classes are held from 4:00-6:00 and will continue to run during the camp week. All camp participants are welcome to join us for the afternoon class for the late pick-up charge of $10. 

See new Guidelines for how we will keep our community safe