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Are you looking for a physical and mental challenge or exciting  sword fighting classes?


If so, join us and try this unique fencing sport whether you are four years old or seventy four years old. Don't believe us check out this story.


We offer a wide range of fencing classes for children and adults from introductory level to Olympian in our one-of-a-kind facility on Colfax Ave, Denver 6 blocks west of Monaco

Intro Package
Fencing Introductory Package
2 Months of unlimited fencing classes
All equipment hire included for the 2 months


Fencing is exciting, romantic, healthful, safe, and most of all, FUN! No matter what your aspirations are, you will receive a positive experience in fencing.


This is the primary objective of the beginning-level classes. Our goal is to instill in students the fire of good, healthy competition as they improve in physical health, coordination, timing, confidence, self control, poise, and respect for themselves and others.


Cost $360

Samantha Achterberg World Champion at Cheyenne Fencing Society and Modern Pentathlon Center

Samantha Achterberg, World Champion does push-ups with her teammates at Cheyenne Fencing on. 

*New Clients Set Up Tips
  1. Create and an account and Login for each child by clicking the red button below. 

  2. Note your sign in email and password. You will have to have a different password for each child but you can use your email address on both.

  3. You will be asked information about your child to help us teach your child in the best way we can.

  4. You will be asked to agree to a waiver.

  5. Then can buy the Introductory Special.


In addition we offer training programs in four of the five disciplines of pentathlon: fencing and shooting at our facility, and running and swimming.

Not sure yet? Come in and take your first lesson for

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