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Cheyenne Fencing Denver

Fencing Camps for kids in Denver



Physically intensive

Training the mind to respond to challenges

Fencing is like a intensive physical replica of a chess game - strategic, tactical, fast.


5818 East Colfax Ave.

6 blocks west of Monaco
Denver, CO 80220

Tel: 720-838-4225

Why Fencing classes and camps at this Denver fencing club?

Kids love the competitive sport of fencing!

Cheyenne Fencing Society & Modern Pentathlon Center of Denver teaches kids handle an epee sword, just for fun or to enter fencing competitions. Lead by three-time Olympian Elaine Cheris, our fencing classes in Denver, CO, allow children to explore their hero-pirate-warrior fantasies as they block, parry and attack their way through lessons. In addition to bringing imaginary adventures to life, our fencing lessons also help children develop discipline and improve their self-esteem and physical fitness. Fencing training also helps kids to think, act and respond for themselves and see the direct outcome of their actions instantly. 

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