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Imagine: Your kid thinks, acts, and responds for themselves then instant feedback 

Fencing training helps kids to think, act and respond for themselves and see the direct outcome of their actions instantly. They know if they made the right move, it's all on them. Fencing is the forever sport for all kids it is a sport with the tactics and strategy of a chess game but the fitness and finesse of champions. Try it for FREE

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Kids are not the only ones who love this sport, parents love it too. Why? Because fencing at Cheyenne has some great benefits...


  • Physical conditioning, mental discipline, self respect, and respect for others is an integral part of developing the skills of fencing at our club.  

  • Improves coordination, timing, confidence, self-control and poise. . 

  • Fencing is a year round sport no matter what the weather.

  • Fencing seeks out all the physical attributes of the composite athlete; the elite athlete has the endurance of the gymnast, the heart and lungs of the swimmer, and the courage of the boxer. 

  • Fencing teaches patience, strategy, swiftness and precision. The control of the blade must be with the swiftness on precision of the skilled surgeon, tempered with the patience of the chess player. 

  • The chances of a high school fencer competing in college is higher than any other sport for both men and women and 45 colleges sponsor varsity fencing teams.  See the details of College Fencing & Scholarship Opportunities here. See an article on Sports and Scholarships here.

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