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Olympic Training Center - Colorado Springs

For your Athlete to go to the Olympic Training Center you need to complete the OTC Forms to get access to the premises and sign waivers etc.  These forms are now electronic; ie eSignature forms.


Please send the attached camp entry form and your email address to Shannon LeBlanco at

and ask her to arrange for the OTC forms to be emailed to you so you can complete and sign them online.


When  you arrive at the OTC go to the main office to get an access card for your Athlete.  If a parent wants an access card too, you can get a yearly pass for a small fee.

To register for an Olympic Development Camp or Competition
  1. Download the Word Document form below. To determine details of the event you can go to events on the USA Pentathon Site here

  2. Open it in Word and complete it.

  3. Save the completed form.

  4. Send it as an attachment in an email to Shannon LeBlanco at

  5. Please discuss your intentions with Elaine and send her a copy of the email.

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