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Two epee fencers a sport for school summer camps

Get fit with fencing!

Janusz Peciak

"Fencing is an intensive physical replica of a computer game in which the mind must race quickly and the body must respond to meet the unforeseen challenges."

Two epee fencers, fencing is sport for schools and school summer camps
Are you looking for an unique experience for summer camps at your school? Move up on the list of best summer camps in Denver.
Stop searching... Fencing has it all.


As part of your summer camp experience, Cheyenne Fencing Society Denver can bring it all to you from our Denver fencing club - the equipment, the protective gear and weapons, the electronic scoring apparatus and the world class coaches... and of course the fun!


Come rain or shine fencing is the physically active, mentally stimulating sport that your campers will text home about.  Where else do kids get points for attacking and poking one another, without hurting them while maintaining a healthy respect for their opponent.


When we do fencing camps at schools we introduce some of the fun games that we created at our Denver fencing club: Cheyenne to refine the skills and muscles used for fencing.

By the end of the day the kids are warn out and happy.


Fencing Campers will learn all the life lessons like
  1. respect,
  2. self-confidence 
  3. poise
  4. patience,
Combined with the skills of fencing .
Parents love this additional fencing activity at your camps because it is a unique sport that has all the elements of a physically demanding yet thinking sport. 


for your School

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