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There are a numerous reasons why Cheyenne is the best Denver fencing club. Cheyenne is the club in Denver that puts the student fencer 1st, people before profits and is serious about our fencing kids presenting their best selves to the fencing community and outside world.
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See Fencing
Class Times
Cheyenne Fencing club in Denver has a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere but rigorous fencing training and lessons in the challenging and unique sports of Fencing and Modern Pentathlon.
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"This is an incredible place with wonderful people to build confidence, fitness and so much more. Thank you!"    Jenny Sirota
"What a way to build self-confidence. With decorum, skill and awareness. Well done, Elaine."    Nina Satterfield
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In addition to fencing classes, our center also offers training in modern pentathlon. A sporting event composed of five different elements; pentathlon begins with fencing before requiring competitors to show proficiency in swimming, horseback riding, running, and shooting. 


Members of the club, under the tutelage of Elaine, have won medals nationally and competed internationally in Modern Pentathlon. Owner, Elaine Cheris is passionate about this sport and works closely with Team USA - Modern Pentathlon to encourage promising young athletes.


Elaine’s coaching can help the young pentathlete achieve their athletic dreams. Whatever the goals of the pentathlete, Elaine emphasizes that although winning is great, the journey along the way and the athletes self development as a person are more important. This philosophy has created a great team of club athletes. Talk to Elaine if you think your child would like to try these exhilarating sports.


Why Fencing classes?

Kids love the competitive sport of fencing!

Cheyenne Fencing Society & Modern Pentathlon Center of Denver teaches kids and adults ages 4 to 104 to handle an epee sword, just for fun or to enter fencing competitions. Lead by three-time Olympian Elaine Cheris, our fencing classes in Denver, CO, allow children to explore their hero-pirate-warrior fantasies as they block, parry and attack their way through lessons. In addition to bringing imaginary adventures to life, our fencing lessons also help children develop discipline and improve their self-esteem and physical fitness. Fencing training also helps kids to think, act and respond for themselves and see the direct outcome of their actions instantly. 

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Keeping up with your fencing skills?


Here is the book written to help fencers practice and master the skills without a coach on hand. Ideal for this stay at home situation.

One of the most recognized fencing figures in the United States, author Elaine Cheris shares her expertise as both a fencer and instructor.

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Bring your copy of the book to class to claim your camp day or classes.

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