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Preparation for the Lunge
  1. On gard.

  2. Extend weapon arm at shoulder level.

  3. Leave arm extended.

Fencing bounce start |Elaine Cheris


  1. Kick out with the front foot, lifting toe first.

  2. Push with rear leg while front leg is extended.

Fencing bounce on toes 1st |Elaine Cheris
  1. Front foot lands on heel and finishes flat. Rear leg is fully extended.

  2. Front knee stops over your shoelaces.

  3. Rear foot slides but the sole remains flat.

  4. Keep shoulders and hips parallel to floor.


Fencing bounce up and down |Elaine Cheris
Fencing bounce forward |Elaine Cheris

Follow Up

  1. Leave weapon arm softly extended briefly until legs are back in on guard position.

  2. Recover forward or backward to on guard position.


    Upon completion of the lunge the body is leaning slightly forward and the chin up and parallel to the floor.  The body remains relaxed; a tense body does not react quickly.

    The rear arms should remain in line with the shoulders and hips so as not to cause the body to twists.  The front foot does not land until the point of the weapon has reached its destination.


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