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Camp Rancho Mirage was a life changing experience for club members.

Several club members had the opportunity to go to beautiful Rancho Mirage, CA to a Pentahlon Training Camp and Regional Competition, and National Qualifier for Youth and Juniors. The campers trained in swimming, running, shooting, fencing and horseriding.

The culmination of the rigorous week of horse riding and jumping training from Micheal Cintas, an Olympic trainer, was a horseriding competition where all riders jumped fences from 18" to 3' high. This was incorporated onto the regional pentathlon competition but was one of the most challenging parts for these first time jumpers.

One of the highlights of the week was when Nathan Schrimsher, the Olympic Pentathlete for 2016, Lucas his brother, and Ted Lauzen visited the house where 22 athletes and coaches were staying and talked to all the campers about preparing themselves for the challenges of life.

Nathan and Lucas Schrimsher and Ted Lauzen chat with Seamus Millet and other athletes at the camp.

Nathan and Lucas Schrimsher and Ted Lauzen


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