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The Cheyenne Fencing Society and Modern Pentathlon Center offers a broad range of classes which teach the fundamentals of fencing including footwork, blade work, and strategy.







   PLEASE CALL ELAINE CHERIS, 303-321-8657 Club, 720-838-4225 Cell


  5818 East Colfax, Denver





U.S. Pentathlon Nationals/NORCECA Championships pictures and results!

Flicker photos


Link for results for NORCECA and US National Championships, July 2009




Class Schedule:

Beginner / Youth classes: Monday -Friday 4:30-6:00

Competitive classes and bouting -  Monday-Friday  4:30-6:00

Adult Classes: Monday - Friday  6:30-8:00

Adult Bouting Monday and Wednesday 6:30-8:30. 

Family  Class and Fencing: Saturday 7am-10am and 10am-1pm


What Parents Say


Fencing has a great effect on kids - it challenges the body and the mind.  Parents tell us they see significant improvement in their children's school grades, concentration, work ethics, and time management.  They also see remarkable changes in physical fitness, confidence, self-esteem, and respect.  Children enjoy exploring this unique sport in a safe environment  where rewards are great in accomplishment and recognition.  Adults who participate in our class also enjoy similar benefits such as increased energy, better sleep, and improved work performance. 





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